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Pressing Pause on Print Publishing — For Now


By Meghan J. Ward and Dee Larosa

An update from the co-founders of the Canadian Rockies Annual.

Snowflakes are falling outside as we write this, and though the snow-lovers are likely celebrating a bit, perhaps we’re all feeling a bit overwhelmed that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to permeate all aspects of our lives. Crowfoot Media was established to create both tangible and intangible ways of bonding our mountain community together. We’re grateful for the small ways we’ve been in touch with you, mainly through our social media and newsletter, but we can’t help but feel awfully disconnected from you all. We’ve missed seeing you at our annual Launch Party and Shred Fest this year! 

And we’re writing this to give you an update on that other “tangible” aspect of our work: the Canadian Rockies Annual.

Many publishers have been affected by COVID-19, and we have not been immune. Our advantage as an annual publication was that, for a time, we were somewhat unaffected. That is until our publishing cycle for the next volume was due to start. But we have found ourselves uncertain of which of our advertisers would pull through, whether or not any events would fly through 2021; essentially, where our revenue will come from in addition to our subscriptions. Because, without that, we can’t afford to publish a magazine, especially not one as high quality as the Canadian Rockies Annual. The pandemic has put a lot of strain on the processes we once took for granted. 

A silver lining in all of this is our community. Every time a subscription or order comes through on our store we celebrate it. We’re grateful for all of your kind words and support, whether through your subscriptions or sharing our content. We’ve been striving throughout the pandemic to keep our feeds fun, fresh and insightful and to keep bringing you valuable content. We hope you’ll keep following! 

All that being said, this year we’ve decided the best course of action is to pause our print production schedule. We will reassess in Spring 2021. In order to coast until then, we need your continued support, especially through subscriptions (starting with Volume 5), single volume and back issue orders, and merchandise purchases. These offer us very real support and will help us to continue creating the content you love.

Another thing we ask is that you continue to support independently-owned and local businesses. As a publication, our advertising base depends on the health of businesses in our region. Many are making it easy to shop with online orders and curbside pickups or deliveries if you can’t go into a store. 

We’ll get through this, though it’s likely none of us will look the same on the other side of it. Our hope is that Crowfoot Media can continue to be a shining light, especially in your online experience. So, keep following, engaging and sharing. It goes a long way to bringing more hope to all of us and our mountain community. 

-Meghan J. Ward and Dee Larosa
Co-Founders, Canadian Rockies Annual


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