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Mountain Culture Publishing During a Pandemic


By Meghan J. Ward

Volume 5 has gone to print as planned, but our journey through this pandemic is far from over. Here’s an update from our Editor-in-Chief.

The other day I looked out my window at the trees, the mountains, the spring snow softly falling.

It all seemed so permanent, so unfazed by the uncertainty swirling all around us with this new threat that has infiltrated every aspect of our lives. Here in Banff, we saw the effects of COVID-19 long before the virus itself entered our community. As of today, we have just one confirmed case, but thousands of people who have been directly impacted by the social and business restrictions put into place to flatten the curve.

Tourism thrives on human contact and more people congregating in a place, and so does the virus. To stop the spread of COVID-19, tourism has come to a halt. Eighty-five percent of the town has been laid off (source), at least temporarily, while hundreds of businesses have been asked to shut down. Many more are working on a skeleton staff, from home, trying to ride this wave as long as it’s curling. The self-employed and entrepreneurs, like us, are no less affected, with uncertainty filling the air, businesses to keep running as best as possible, and children at home – 24/7.

We’ve worked hard for the past six years to build this publishing company into a sustainable one so that the Canadian Rockies Annual can thrive for many years. Like all small businesses, however, we were thrown a curveball after what was proving to be our most successful year to date. A silver lining was our luck with the timing of COVID-19. Our advertising sales were complete for Volume 5, as were the content production, design and layout. With our printer on board to stay on schedule, we were able to send the magazine to print this week, which means it’ll be in the hands of subscribers on time.

We may have gotten Volume 5 to print, but we’re not immune to the impacts of COVID-19. We’re unsure what this means for the future of the business, and it’s something we’ll be assessing in the weeks to come. One thing is certain, though: we know what we need right now.

To keep our advertising to a healthy minimum, we have always relied on readers to support what we do by ordering a subscription or even a single copy of the Canadian Rockies Annual. In the past few weeks, we’ve seen some subscriptions cancelled, understandably so. We’ve also seen some new subscriptions (thank you!). But, we need more. We need the people who believe in what we do to invest in the future of our publication, if your finances can handle it. Even if you can’t, please share about the magazine (here’s a handy video to help you do that).

It’s with sadness that we also announce we’ve needed to cancel our launch party, Rockies 5.0, due to COVID-19 (with hopes we’ll be able to party later this year). This was both a chance to celebrate with our community, contributors, partners and advertisers and to get the magazine into the hands of all attendees. However, for the next week, we’re offering FREE local delivery of magazines in Banff and Canmore (see details below)! For just $14.85 + tax, you’ll get your magazine delivered to your doorstep. Talk about great reading inside. It’s also a way you can help us recover from the loss of cancelling this annual event.

To summarize, I’ve provided some links below to the various ways you can get your copy of Volume 5, which I can confidently say is our best volume to date. Thank for you supporting independent publishing and here’s to continuing to elevate mountain culture in the Canadian Rockies.

-Meghan J. Ward
Editor-in-Chief, Canadian Rockies Annual


Writer, adventurer, outdoorsy mama, summit cartwheeler, and Editor-in-Chief at the Canadian Rockies Annual, Meghan J. Ward is the co-founder at Crowfoot Media and lives for backcountry getaways.

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