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K-Country Rediscovered at Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge


By Juliette Recompsat

Far enough but not far away, Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge has all the makings for a disconnected escape from the everyday. Why would this come as a surprise? Because to “escape” means something different to everyone. 

Photo by Shannon Martin/Page Two Travel.

When it comes to picturing an ideal getaway, a luxury lodge just off the highway doesn’t leap to mind for me. As someone who generally flees to the backcountry for time out, my idea of unwinding is walking into the wilderness and leaving the WiFi signal behind. Could I slow down my scattered thoughts in a place so easily accessible? How could I really disconnect, without getting off-the-grid? 

As I turn off the Trans-Canada Highway onto Kananaskis Trail, mountains rise up along the road and I do my best to shake off the lingering distractions of my day.

Walking through the doors of Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge, a self-confessed skeptic, I’m unsure of what to expect from this grand lodge rising out of a wild landscape. But it’s impossible not to notice the down-to-earth smiles of the hotel staff or the lively atmosphere of the lobby lounge. In front of the stone hearth, a family is gathered round the lodge’s vintage Scrabble board. Couples sip cocktails at the bar and friends, immersed in a card game, burst into laughter. All are quick to share a shy grin with anyone who walks by. 

Photos by Shannon Martin/ Page Two Travel.

I return a smile, and realize the mountains have done their work here. I am barely an hour from Calgary to the east and Canmore and Banff to the west, yet the peaks here seem to shelter the lodge from the hectic regularity of everyday life. It’s the same spirit found in a backcountry lodge: no one is a stranger. In this place, there are no distractions tugging at us; we’re free to simply be here together. 


As twilight falls over the lodge patio, a group drifts together around the crackling fire pit and eyes the nearby s’more station. We’re gathered here for a Fireside Moments session, held regularly by the lodge to connect their guests with the rich stories of the nearby wilderness. 

Focused as we are on honing our marshmallow toasting skills over the fire, no one notices that Will Gadd isn’t quite on time for the fireside chat he’s hosting. He bustles in fresh from an adventure in the mountains outside Canmore. 

Image courtesy Will Gadd.

Based in Canmore, Alberta, Gadd is a renowned ice climber, adventurer and recently named UN Environment Mountain Hero. He’s also a natural storyteller and it’s easy to feel connected to his tales of adventures past that took place here in the Rockies and beyond. “I’ve spent time in the European Alps, South America’s Andes, the Himalaya and China’s mountains too,” he says. “But I’m always happy when I get to come home.”

Gadd jokes that this might be the smallest group he’s presented to in a decade. Given this, it’s no surprise that we’re enthralled by his tales of climbing massive icebergs in Antarctica, paragliding over the summit of Mount Robson and being the first ice climber to climb frozen Niagara Falls. 

Photos by Shannon Martin/ Page Two Travel.

Shaking myself free from the grip of Gadd’s wild exploits, it takes me a moment to remember that I’m not swapping stories in the close quarters of a climber’s hut. Sitting by the fireside at Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge, I’m perfectly content to enjoy the vicarious thrills of someone else’s adventures. Escaping the ordinary without leaving the warmth of the fire is a rare treat. 


Heading in from the fire pit, it isn’t lost on me that every element of the lodge experience has been designed to warm body and soul. There are five dining outlets touting locally-inspired fare that’s a far cry from the dehydrated chili of backcountry kitchens. 

Photos by Shannon Martin/ Page Two Travel.

Tucking into a charcuterie platter loaded with regional game, I look around and realize what’s missing. It’s the undertone of friendly competition – whether perceived or imagined – that can be found in a busy alpine hut, where one-upping each other’s adventures is a subtle game. Noting the absence of any such sentiment here, I’m surprised at the sense of quiet relief I feel as I dig into my artfully crafted “chocolate forest.” 

As a night cap I opt for a visit to the adjacent Kananaskis Nordic Spa and fully commit to this unusually luxurious experience. Slipping between the five sauna cabins and the outdoor hot pools, I watch the steam drift into the surrounding forest. Reconnecting with ourselves, I realize, is part of what makes an escape from the day-to-day so palpably refreshing.

The definition of escape, in its most basic sense, is to “break free from confinement or control.” I just needed to break free from my own constraints to enjoy the Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge for what it really is: a place to reconsider and rediscover indulgence, adventure, nature and bliss.

Photo courtesy Travel Alberta/Mike Seehagel.


Ready to make the most of your escape to Kananaskis? There are activities for every age and ability in this mountain playground. Some gear can be rented on site!

• Downhill and cross-country skiing
• Ice skating and tobogganing
• Ski touring
• Snowshoeing
• Fat biking 
• Hiking
• Mountain biking
• Stargazing
• Golf
• Horseback riding
• Stand-up paddleboarding

Editor’s Note: This trip was made possible by Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge. They in no way influenced the content or reviewed the post before it was published. 

Raised in the Rockies, Juliette Recompsat travelled to every continent before her roots drew her back to the mountains. Home is where the peaks are!

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