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Letter From the Editor: Canadian Rockies Annual, Vol. 3


By Meghan J. Ward

“When we learn how to become resilient, we learn how to embrace the beautifully broad spectrum of the human experience.”   – Jaeda DeWalt


Bill Peyto was one of the first mountain “characters” I learned about when I moved to Banff in 2005. My first impression of Peyto was just that: a character – a wild-natured guide and outfitter with piercing blue eyes and a pile of legends surrounding him. More recently, however, I came across stories about Peyto that aren’t part of the popular folklore. These anecdotes revealed more about his backstory, the heartache that contributed to his hardy persona, and the experiences that demonstrated his extraordinary courage and strength.

A small part of Peyto’s lesser-known life story has made its way into this book, and provided our team with the first of many waypoints taking us – and our readers – on the journey through Volume 3. When we curate pieces for each publication, we don’t set out with a theme and instead let the content speak to us. Inevitably, a tying thread emerges from what we’ve pieced together, and in this volume that theme is resilience.

As you’ll discover in these pages, resilience comes in many forms. It is found in the creativity of an artist facing life-changing circumstances and in the research of scientists preparing for natural disasters. It exists in the bonds that unite a community in the face of uncertain times and in the power of ancestral traditions that live on in a modern world. Collectively, these stories create a remarkable account of the tenacity of the human spirit as we surmount personal challenges, contend with the forces of nature, and bridge the gaps between us.

Seeing resilience in others humbles us; recognizing it in ourselves can empower us. May this volume leave you feeling inspired and hopeful, knowing that resilience ensures a brighter future.

-Meghan J. Ward, Editor-in-Chief

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Writer, adventurer, outdoorsy mama and summit cartwheeler, Meghan J. Ward is the editor and co-founder at Crowfoot Media and lives for backcountry getaways.

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