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7 Reasons Winter is the Best Time to Visit Jasper



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Really, there’s no wrong time to visit Jasper. But the true explorers – those prepared to brave Jasper this winter – will find a lovable mountain town at its most authentic. Here’s why…

Fat biking under dark skies. Photo by Jeff Bartlett.

When Jasper snow comes to stay, Jasperites say, ‘time to play!’

Winter in the mountains is nothing short of magical. With so many amazing and unique activities – skiing! dog sledding! fat biking! – not to mention oodles of deals that your wallet will love, it’s not hard to see why our chilliest season often delivers the warmest memories.

From festivals to furry friends, there’s no shortage of reasons why winter in Jasper is tops. Granted, if you ask us again in June we’ll likely hold equally strong convictions that spring is, in fact, the best time to visit Jasper. Ditto for summer and fall. Really, there’s no wrong time to visit Jasper. But the true explorers – those prepared to brave Jasper this winter – will find a lovable mountain town at its most authentic. Here’s why: 

1/ The aurora borealis

With a name that means ‘dawn of the north,’ it’s no surprise that the aurora borealis have inspired legends and mythical theories in cultures around the world. And there’s no better place to experience the jaw-dropping natural phenomenon than in Jasper’s Dark Sky Preserve, where artificial light is minimal and amazement is guaranteed. Winter is a particularly good time to catch the northern lights, thanks to the long periods of darkness and frequency of clear nights.

Powder at Marmot Basin. Photo courtesy Marmot Basin.

2/ The pow

There are few joys in life more equally exhilarating and peaceful than gliding down a sparkling slope of snow. And Jasper’s beloved local ski spot, Marmot Basin, boasts some of the best snow around. With a new section of the mountain (Tres Hombres) now open to advanced skiers, there’s never been a better time to hop on a lift.  

3/ The deals

On a budget? Winter is definitely the time to visit our quaint mountain town. With hotel deals aplenty, not to mention discounted rates on ski and spa packages, winter visitors get to soak up all the mountain beauty for a fraction of the summer price.

Dogsledding. Photo by Ryan Bray.

4/ The quiet

Relaxation can be found in the mountains at any time of year, but is there anything more zen than the peaceful hush of a winter morning in Jasper? (That was rhetorical – the answer is obviously “no”). Visitors get to experience the landscape while it’s still and sparkling and devoid of crowds.

5/ The events

While the landscape is sparkling and still, the community of Jasper comes alive with colour, flavours and adventures. From Jasper in January’s three festive weekends to Family Day festivities and a ski mountaineering challenge, the real Rockies have never been more spectacular. Find our next signature event here.

Coco’s Cafe is a Jasper favourite. Photo courtesy Tourism Jasper.

6/ The comfort food

Hot chocolate at Coco’s Cafe. Karma curry from Evil Dave’s Restaurant. Fire-roasted tomato bisque at Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria. When the weather outside is chilly, it’s time to warm yourself from the inside out. Bonus: the quieter nature of winter travel (see above) means that there’s rarely a line outside restaurants, which means there’s less standing in the way between you and a happy tummy.

7/ The furry friends

Make like Canada’s earliest inhabitants and experience dog sledding. Cold Fire Creek Dogsledding takes visitors along an old trapping route with spectacular views of the mountains and a river. There’s never been a better way to experience Canada’s oldest transportation method than within Canada’s most beautiful mountains.


Jasper is your base of adventure: an awe-inspiring and authentic Rocky Mountain destination – the entry point to Canada’s most epic experiences. It is from here that the greatest personal expeditions begin; where explorers and wanderers from around the world converge to enjoy the activities, accommodations, restaurants, and businesses of the town of Jasper, before taking on the real Canadian Rockies of Jasper National Park.

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