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Mountain Film Release: To the Top


Words by Tera Swanson

What makes for an epic day outside? In the Canadian Rockies, the answers are as diverse as climbing a frozen waterfall, kayaking down river rapids, or summiting a mountain. But through the eyes of a child, the equation is simple: toboggans, friends, and snow. Take Me Outside, a non-profit organization based in Banff, takes us back to that simple mindset with ‘To The Top’.


More screen time and less play time are all-too-common problems facing kids today. Take Me Outside’s film To The Top offers one way to improve that balance: by getting kids excited about the outdoors. With a dramatic filming style reminiscent of the latest pro ski films, the story follows a day outside with four kids from the Banff Elementary School. From their morning cereal-and-newspaper routine as snow quietly falls beyond the window, to a full-on slow-mo snowman demolition, the film is a snapshot of the pure happiness that a day of playing in the mountains can bring, no matter the age.  

Tera Swanson is a freelance writer and graduate from Mount Royal University’s Journalism undergraduate program. Whether laced into hiking boots or clipped into skis, her favourite way to explore the mountains is on her own two feet. She’s always up for anything that will end in the telling of a good story; be it through photography, from pen to paper, or over a locally brewed amber ale.

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