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Our Top 10: What You Loved Reading the Most in 2017


Compiled by Billie Norman

What a year 2017 was! Canada celebrated 150 years, the Canadian Rockies Annual (Vol. 2) was published, Shred Fest Rockies was another sold-out event and there was still plenty of time to squeeze in mountain adventures. We want to thank you for your continued support for the mountain culture content we create and share. And just in case you missed anything – or wanted to read an article again – here’s which mountain culture content you loved reading the most this past year.

Floe Lake, Kootenay National Park. Photo: Paul Zizka Photography

Floe Lake, Kootenay National Park. Photo: Paul Zizka Photography

1/ 8 Larch Hikes in the Canadian Rockies

Words by Meghan J. Ward, Photos by Paul Zizka & Tyler Parker

There’s a short period of time during the fall when the Canadian Rockies offer a chance to see them like you never have before. As temperatures drop, larch trees’ needles turn a vibrant yellow before shedding for the winter. Photographers from all over the world have these three weeks penciled into their calendars to see the Rockies light up. Check out this list of larch hikes by Meghan J. Ward that will inform you of exactly where to go the next time the Rockies turn golden. [Read on…]

17-0324_Free Camping BC

2/ Free Camping Resources for Alberta and British Columbia

Compiled by Tera Swanson

Everybody knows that camping isn’t cheap. By the time you’ve paid for the campsite, bought some firewood and acquired some food for the night, it can leave a big hole in your wallet. That’s why we put together this neat little list of resources – both online and in print – where you can pitch your tent for free. And with nearly 1,300 free recreation sites to choose from, what are you waiting for?! [Read on…]

Abby Cooper. Photo by Jesse Millen.

Abby Cooper. Photo by Jesse Millen.

3/ Understanding, Underneath: An Avalanche Survival Story

Words and Photos by Abby Cooper

With more and more people venturing into the backcountry, it is vital that you know what you’re doing and the dangers out there. Everything can change in a second. In this article, Abby Cooper describes how her own decision-making resulted to her getting caught in an avalanche. Always trust your gut feeling and speak up if anything doesn’t feel right! [Read on…]

A grizzly bear.

Jayson Photography, via Shutterstock.

4/ What To Do When You Encounter A Bear

Words by Sarah Elmeligi

Every year, bears are becoming more comfortable with humans, which put the chances of bumping into one ever higher. Make sure that you’re well prepared the next time you go adventuring in bear country with these six simple steps, carefully thought out by bear biologist, Sarah Elmeligi. [Read on…]

Castle Mountain Hike, Fernie

Hiking Castle Mountain. Photo by Dan Kilgallon

5/ 6 Day Hikes in Fernie, BC

Words by Mike Cotton, Photos by Dan Kilgallon

Enjoy day hikes in a less-crowded mountain town next summer with this fantastic list of hikes in Fernie, British Columbia. Selected by local journalist, Mike Cotton, these hikes offer jaw-dropping landscapes, beautiful treks through alpine meadows and neverending views of snow-capped mountains. [Read on…]

2 Banff Bison Calving, Photo by Adam Zier-Vogel/Parks Canada

6/ First Bison Calves Born in Banff in Over 140 Years

Words by Meghan J. Ward, Photos by Adam Zier-Vogel

On April 22 2017, the first bison calf was born in Banff National Park in over 140 years. In this article, Meghan J. Ward uncovers Parks Canada’s initiative to reintroduce wild bison to Banff while Adam Zier-Vogel provides photos of the calf taking its first steps. [Read on…]

Wilcox Pass by Paul Zizka

Wilcox Pass, Jasper National Park. Photo: Paul Zizka Photography

7/ 5 Days Hikes With a View in the Canadian Rockies

Words by Brian Patton, Photos by Paul Zizka

Often the hardest things we do ends up offering the most in rewards – “No pain, no gain”, right?! This is most definitely true when we apply it to hiking. In this article, renowned trail guide author, Brian Patton, shares his list of the five best day hikes in the Canadian Rockies that offer spectacular views… after a strenuous ascent. [Read on…]

Climbing Mt Edith Cavell, Paul Zizka

Climbing on Mt Edith Cavell. Photo: Paul Zizka Photography

8/ 150 Ways to Enjoy Canada’s Mountain Parks

Compiled by Billie Norman

Earlier in the year, we asked our readers what their favourite things to do in Canada’s Mountain Parks were. With over 500 submissions, we narrowed it down to 150 (Canada’s 150th Birthday and all) and made a printable list so that you can easily find your next adventure. [Read on…]

Canoeing on Bow Lake. Photo courtesy Noel Hendrickson/Banff & Lake Louise Tourism.

Canoeing on Bow Lake. Photo courtesy Noel Hendrickson/Banff & Lake Louise Tourism.

9/ Best Spots for Paddling in Banff National Park

Words by Meghan J. Ward, Photos by Noel Hendrickson & Dan Evans

One of the best ways to explore Banff is via water. And with lakes and rivers aplenty in this vast national park, it’s hard to know where to go. Whether you want something close to town, to venture further, or to float the bow – there is something for everybody. In this article, Meghan J. Ward gives the inside scoop on where the locals take their canoe, kayak or SUP in Banff National Park. [Read on…]

Getting the skins on for a day of adventure at Skoki Lodge. Photo by Abbydell Photography.

Getting the skins on for a day of adventure at Skoki Lodge. Photo: Abby Cooper

10/ 3 Ways to “Do” Winter at Skoki Lodge

Words by Crowfoot Media, Photos by Abby Cooper

There’s no doubt about it, a trip to Skoki Lodge is on everybody’s bucket list. Whether you’re keen to explore the area, to snuggle up in front of the fire with a good book or are looking to get some fresh pow turns in, here are our three – very different – ways to enjoy a trip to Skoki Lodge during the winter. [Read on…]

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