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Staff Picks: 8 Holiday Gift Ideas for Mountain People


By Crowfoot Media

Snow in the forecast means more than backcountry turns and opening days at the ski hills – it’s also the signal to start thinking about gifts you’d like to purchase for friends and family this holiday season! In this year’s annual gift idea round-up, our staff members handpick their favourite items that’ll take you from your campsite to the trail to those (odd) days spent indoors.

Here at Crowfoot Media, we live and breathe mountain culture and the outdoors lifestyle that comes with it. Here are the items that our team selected as must-gives this holiday season:


1/ Stainless King™ Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Food Jar 16oz

$24.99 / Find It

Chosen by: Dee Larosa, Co-Founder/Art Director (@phaneric)

Who it’s best for: Outdoor enthusiasts can use it on many day outings. It’s particularly a favourite for me in the winter!

Why I love it: Gluten-free sandwiches while backcountry touring generally turn to frozen cardboard. This vessel has kept me fuelled with homemade soup on many trips. It keeps food hot for up to 9 hours / cold for up to 14 hours, and the wide-mouth opening is practical for using a spoon to eat. Bonus: the spoon is kept in the lid of the thermos – without this I would definitely forget it!


2/ Black Diamond Distance FLZ Poles

$124.00 / Find It

Chosen by: Meghan Ward, Co-Founder/Editor-in-Chief (@meghanjward)

Who it’s best for: Long-distance trekkers (though day hikers would love them too!)

Why I love it: These poles are featherlight and fold down to a small enough size to stuff in the side compartment of your pack or a suitcase. At first I was concerned that their light weight would compromise their durability, but so far I have used them on multi-day backpacking trips and even scrambling and mountaineering trips and they are totally reliable.


3/ inReach Explorer+ from Garmin

$589.99 / Find It

Chosen by: Paul Zizka, Photo Editor (@PaulZizkaPhoto)

Who it’s best for: Anybody wanting to stay in touch with the outside world regardless of their location on planet Earth.

Why I love it: I love it from a safety standpoint, of course. I also love the precise navigational capabilities. It’s also great to be able to stay in touch with the family whether I’m in Antarctica, Greenland or the backcountry of the Canadian Rockies. One other nice feature: getting live aurora forecasts sent to me!


4/ Leatherman Signal Multitool

$124.95 / Find It

Chosen by: Tony Larosa, Event Support (@tonysphoto_)

Who it’s best for: Any outdoor enthusiast looking for a compact multitool to work for just about any situation.

Why I love it: This is a compact, lightweight, all-in-one tool that also offers emergency preparedness such as a ferro rod and a serrated blade. It’s the perfect piece of kit for any backcountry adventure.


5/ luminAID PackLite Nova USB

$19.99 / Find It

Chosen by: Jen Groundwater, Associate/Copy Editor (@jengwater)

Who it’s best for: Campers who don’t want to call it a night just because the sun has gone down.

Why I love it: This nifty little inflatable lantern, chargeable via USB or the built-in solar panel, gives many hours of light with five brightness settings. It’s waterproof, it floats, and the hanging strap doubles as a handle so it can light up your tent. Also, you can buy a light through the Give Light program for just $10 to donate to someone in need in a disaster zone.


6/ Roo Double Hammock (with Python Straps)

$128.00 / Find It

Chosen by:  Billie Norman, Digital Marketing Assistant (@voyagecollective)

Who it’s best for: For anyone who likes adventuring outdoors and then relaxing.

Why I love it: It is comfortable, easy to set up, packs up real small, extremely versatile and you can hang it up pretty much anywhere, any season.


7/ AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

$44.00 / Find It

Chosen by: Danielle deBelle, Social Media Intern (@dannybellej)

Who it’s best for: For your backcountry enthusiast friend who can’t get through the day without starting with a great cup of coffee.

Why I love it: The AeroPress is lightweight and packable, while still making a high-quality cup o’ joe.


8/ Banff Tea Co. Tea

Varies / Find It

Chosen by:  Ashleigh Dugdale, Admin Assistant (@thewildroad)

Who it’s best for: Tea lovers who love to shop local!

Why I love it: Nothing beats sitting down during the holidays with a good book next to the fireplace and a cup of delicious locally blended and packaged tea.



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