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Trip Report: Berg Lake, Mt. Robson Provincial Park


Words and photos by Meghan J. Ward

Hike into Berg Lake with the lofty height of Mt. Robson and tumbling glaciers towering above you, and you’ll be wondering why you’ve never been there before. Mt. Robson Provincial Park is a backcountry hiker’s paradise, with the biggest, wildest and most diverse terrain the Canadian Rockies have to offer. The hiking here is rigorous, but the rewards are as huge as the mountain that makes the region so famous. 

Mt. Robson from the Hargreaves Glacier area. Photo Meghan J. Ward.


Day 1:

  • Hike from the trailhead to Whitehorn campground (10.9 km one-way) or tackle the elevation between Whitehorn and Emperor Falls campground all in one day (15.4 km one-way). Alternatively, you can stop at Kinney Lake campground (6.8 km one-way) or put in a big day or hike all the way to Berg Lake (20.2 km one-way). 

Day 2:

  • Relocate to Berg Lake Campground (additional campgrounds are mentioned below). 
  • Hike to Hargreaves Glacier area (approx. 3 km one-way) and explore along the glacial moraine and rock slabs at the north end of the lake.
  • Return the way you went up or continue toward Toboggan Falls, following the trail along the falls and back to Berg Lake campground.

Day 3:

  • Hike to Snowbird Pass and return the same way (21.2 km return). 

Day 4 or 5:

  • Relocate to a campground further down the trail (we recommend Whitehorn or Kinney Lake) or hike all the way out. You can also plan this as an alternative day for hiking Snowbird Pass should your weather be bad, and plan to hike out the following day. 

The approach to Berg Lake. Photo Meghan J. Ward.

Love This/

  • Challenging hiking amongst the most grandiose scenery and breathtaking views in the Canadian Rockies.
  • Various camping options so that you can customize your trip according to your group’s ability.
  • The Hargreaves Shelter offers a great option for a rainy-day meal (note that it is not for sleeping).
  • Just beneath the Mist Glacier is a high tarn that you can’t see from the trail. To reach it you need to ford the cold and quick-moving water at the outflow from Berg Lake, but it makes for a fun side-trip.

Consider This/

  • The hiking in this area does not require advanced route-finding skills if you stay on the trail, but it does require a good level of fitness and at least an intermediate level of hiking experience. 
  • BC Parks is diligent about checking your camping permits (you’ll receive a tag to attach to your tent), so it’s difficult to change your itinerary once you’re in there.
  • Scenic campsites at Berg Lake are a hot commodity! Plan on getting there early in the day to claim your spot.

Additional Options/

  • For an even bigger day of side trips and exploring, tackle the Mumm Basin/Hargreaves Glacier Loop (approx. 12 km/5 hours).
  • You’ll find additional campgrounds in the area past Berg Lake, such as Robson Pass and Rearguard. Both are great starting points for day hikes in the area should Berg Lake itself be full or if you’d like to try a different campground.
  • For hikers looking to skip the hike in and maximize time in the area, a helicopter can provide transportation to Robson Pass. Try Robson HeliMagic.

The hike to Snowbird Pass. Photo Meghan J. Ward


BC Parks – Mt. Robson information and reservations.

Canadian Rockies Trail Guide, by Brian Patton and Bart Robinson

Classic Hikes in the Canadian Rockies, by Graeme Pole

A NOTE FROM CROWFOOT MEDIA: You, the reader, are responsible for your own safety and gathering the information you require to tackle these hikes and trips. Please adventure safely and use these suggestions as just that: suggestions. 

Writer, adventurer, outdoorsy mama and summit cartwheeler, Meghan J. Ward is the editor and co-founder at Crowfoot Media and lives for backcountry getaways.

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