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12 Astonishing Macro Photos of Water Droplets

April 17, 2016


Photos by Martin van den Akker/ Interview by Meghan J. Ward

We’ve all heard there is beauty in the details. Lucky for us, Martin van den Akker’s macro photographs give us a mind-bending perspective on one of the smaller elements of nature: water droplets. Call it a bug’s-eye view; these photographs will help you appreciate the things you walk past every day. Here we interview van den Akker about his process and feature 12 of his best macro photos to date.


Macro photography by Martin van den Akker of Inspirit Photography.

Macro photography by Martin van den Akker of Inspirit Photography.

MW/ Tell us a bit about yourself.

MVDA/ I moved from flat Holland to the pointy Rockies some 15 years ago. I like diversity and my careers usually changes every three or four years. After a break from work due to health concerns, I am currently working part-time at Benjamin Moore in Canmore, selling home renovation products. I suspect my career and creative pursuits will see a few more changes in years to come.

MW/ What draws you to this type of photography?

MVDA/ I enjoy taking the time to capture small details in nature that often get missed. I really like landscape photography, too. However, with many great landscape photographers being attracted to this area, I wanted to pursue something that felt unique to me. While I didn’t invent waterdrop photography, it’s been a fascinating process of exploration. You can really discover a whole world in a single water drop.

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MW/ What are the challenges of shooting water droplets like this and composing these types of images?

MVDA/ Weather conditions have to be near perfect. At two or three times magnification, the slightest breeze will sway a tiny droplet out of the camera’s viewfinder. Round droplets also reflect everything in a 360-degree radius, including the photographer himself. And rain or dew drops evaporate surprisingly fast once the sun comes out. I have pulled my hairs out on a few occasions.

MW/ What does “zooming in” teach you about the natural world?

MVDA/ Nature is a teacher on so many levels – about change, complexity, connectivity. While I sometimes fall into the trap of thinking every possible nature photo has been taken and shared a thousand times over, macro photography really reminds me that there is so much about nature and life that we still haven’t discovered.


Martin van den Akker is a part-time nature photographer living in Canmore. His photography website and blog can be found at

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