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Embark on a Journey of Wonder and Discovery in Jasper



By Tourism Jasper


Finding yourself in an active Rocky Mountain community like Jasper means that it’s easy to focus on the physical: the hikes and bikes, the climbs and paddles, the summits and rappels. In such an awe-inspiring and wild landscape that calls out for discovery at every turn, it can be challenging to remember that exploration for the mind is just as crucial. Here’s how you can expand your mental horizons.

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Col. Chris Hadfield headlines this year’s Jasper Dark Sky Festival. Photo Tourism Jasper/Jeff Bartlett

Fall in Jasper offers a well-timed opportunity to slow your stride and build some of that mental muscle. Come October, high-adrenaline summer activities give way to other adventures that complement the shorter days and longer nights. Longer nights mean more time for conversation, for leisurely meals, or for intriguing books. In Jasper, locals and travellers alike know that these longer nights also have an added bonus as the vast Dark Sky Preserve snaps into focus.

From October 16 – 25, the annual Jasper Dark Sky Festival welcomes this shift with unique astronomy and science events and programming that invite further exploration. The festival provides a worthy reason to “power down” and “look up” – and what better guides to have along for your conceptual journey than Col. Chris Hadfield and the former hosts of Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters?

1005_Subtltle_2On Friday, October 23, Col. Hadfield will deliver an enriching keynote address, sharing stories about his career, his time spent both on and off the planet and his experience aboard the International Space Station. The following night, the myth-busting trio of Grant Imahara, Kari Byron and Tory Belleci will bring excitement and entertainment that is sure to expand your horizons.

Every seasoned adventurer knows that mental and physical strength go hand-in-hand, and any opportunity to ‘level up’ your brain power is a worthy one. Knowledge-building opportunities are an important part of the Jasper Dark Sky Festival, which is why keynote performances like A Night of Mythbusting & Science and The Sky Is Not The Limit will sell out as part of this year’s festival (get your tickets).

For all those seeking to accept the challenge of this mentally motivating weekend, The Star Package is the first place to start. Though individual tickets are no longer available for the first keynote event, you can still attend both by purchasing this package. This discounted option is the best way to take advantage of the Dark Sky experience by giving you access to the two most sought-after events of the weekend: the former hosts of MythBusters and the now sold-out Col. Chris Hadfield.

Jasper's Lake Annette under the dark sky. Photo Tourism Jasper/Jeff Bartlett

Jasper’s Lake Annette under the dark sky. Photo Tourism Jasper/Jeff Bartlett

You’ve never seen the Rockies like this before. Enriching keynote events combined with other unique Dark Sky experiences are sure to make for an unparalleled adventure. Even better? Once you’re ready to test your physical limits once again, the mountains will still be there awaiting your exploration – this time with newly expanded brain power.

Jasper is your base of adventure: an awe-inspiring and authentic Rocky Mountain destination – the entry point to Canada’s most epic experiences. It is from here that the greatest personal expeditions begin; where explorers and wanderers from around the world converge to enjoy the activities, accommodations, restaurants, and businesses of the town of Jasper, before taking on the real Canadian Rockies of Jasper National Park.

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