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High Elevation Construction: The Making of an Alpine Club Hut

September 30, 2015


Photos by Pat Morrow

Editor’s Note: For decades, the Wapta and Waputik Icefields have provided world-class ski terrain for backcountry skiers. And for decades the Bow-Yoho Traverse has possessed a missing link – until now. After years of proposals, assessments and planning, The Louise and Richard Guy Hut is being constructed by the Alpine Club of Canada at Mont des Poilus, and will provide winter accommodations for 18 skiers. Photographer Pat Morrow recently ventured up to the construction site to capture footage for a film produced by Wilhelm Schmidt and Roger Vernon, which follows the prodigious efforts by ACC volunteers and tradespeople to build the hut.


The President and Mt McArthur form spectacular backdrop, construction phase of the 18 person Alpine Club of Canada’s

The President and Isolated Peak form a spectacular backdrop during the construction phase of the 18-person Louise and Richard Guy Hut near the base of Mont des Poilus, Yoho National Park, B.C., Canada. Photo by Pat Morrow.

The Louise and Richard Guy Hut is named after two of the ACC’s long-time members, who gave more than four decades of volunteerism, participation and support to the Club. Richard also provided a generous donation towards the construction of the hut in honour of his late wife, with whom he kept an active life in the mountains into their 90s. Richard, who is still an avid adventurer at 99, was flown to the site to attend the hut dedication.

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Follow the hut’s construction progress on the Alpine Club of Canada blog.

Check out the hut’s conceptual drawings.

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Pat Morrow is a photographer/videographer whose deep desire to explore wild places and meet cool mountain people has led him on assignments and expeditions to all 7 continents.

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