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Review: Kelty Trail Logic TN3 Tent

September 14, 2015

RATING: 5 /5

By Meghan J. Ward

I’m a sucker for smart gear and, in particular, innovative tent technology. I have never tried any products from Kelty – one of the most established brands in the industry. But when I came across the three-season Trail Logic TN3 ($299.95) with a Stargazing Fly™, I had to give it a try. The easy setup and smaller packing size made this my go-to on backpacking trips this summer. Read on for more great features!

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Love This/

  • Easy to put up, with colour-coordinated poles and webbing to help you figure out which pole goes where.
  • This tent is freestanding – my favourite kind. No tripping on guy lines or fiddling with thin cord.
  • Fully mesh, meaning it packs down really small. For that reason, I consider it a great backpacking tent when you can afford a bit of extra weight (2.49 kg).
  • The Stargazing Fly™ makes you feel like you’re actually sleeping outside, and it’s nice during the day for keeping things cool or reading ‘outdoors’ without the bugs.
  • When dismantled, the poles are reduced down to just 14″ in length, making them easier to pack away in a backpack.
  • The whole tent packs away into a cube rather than a conical shape. At first I was skeptical, then I realized this made it easier to pack in a backpack. I kept it centered at the bottom of my pack and the rest of my gear fit nicely around it.

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  • I’d like to see bigger stuff pockets on the interior. As is, there isn’t much you can put in there.
  • It’s rather cozy in this tent with three people, but the vestibules provide ample storage space so that you can leave most gear outside. I was happiest when I was sharing it with just one other person.
  • This also comes as a two-person (TN2), for people wanting a smaller tent.

Thanks to Exxel Outdoors for sending this product for review. 

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