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Review: Icebreaker Merino Products

August 3, 2015


By Crowfoot Media

In the world of outdoor clothing, merino is perhaps one of the most praised materials of all. Unlike traditional wool, which will itch the pants off you, merino wool is a natural fibre that is warm in cold weather, cool in warm weather, light, breathable, easy to care for, and generally less stinky. The Crowfoot Media team put three Icebreaker Merino products to the test this summer. Here’s what we thought.

Meghan: Here in the Canadian Rockies, we live and play in a harsh environment. I have ripped countless pairs of shorts and pants on sharp rocks, even if I’m just sitting down for a bite to eat on the trail. Straight out of the bag, the Terra Shorts (reg. $149 CAD) felt durable and resistant to this type of wear and tear. I have enjoyed using them for hiking and biking, and so far they’ve held up as expected.

Love This/

  • Icebreaker_Shorts_InsetThe zippered pockets on the rear and front are easy to access. It’s great to have a place to put valuable items when I’m out exploring.
  • The fabric is both durable and breathable.
  • A tad of stretchiness helps them move with them.
  • Great for a range of outdoor activities, and they look great as ‘casual’ shorts, too.

Consider This/

  • As a short-waisted person, the fit on the Terra Shorts wasn’t the best for me. They come too high, making them a tad uncomfortable because the material bunches around my waist when I’m sitting. If it wasn’t for the poor fit, I’d give them a 5/5. Also, they weren’t true to size, and fit on the bigger side, so I suggest you size down in these.


Dee: I have stopped counting how many times I can wear the Cool-Lite Sphere Long Sleeve Hoodie (reg. $119 CAD) before it needs to be washed. It has become my favourite mid layer or top layer (depending on temperatures) for just about all activities! This hoodie is extremely breathable, perfect for varied temperatures and comfortable for hiking, biking and climbing.

Love This/

  • Icebreaker_Hoodie_InsetLightweight and breathable.
  • Odor-resistant (seriously!).
  • Relaxed fit and super comfortable.
  • Dries fast.
  • Keeps me at optimal temperature, whether it’s a cooler morning, around camp or warm afternoon hiking.

Consider This/

  • To be honest, nothing really. It has become my favourite mid layer for most activities.

Icebreaker Polo A

Paul: As a professional mountain landscape and adventure photographer, I need clothing that allows me to be active, but that also adds a touch of professionalism. Whether I’m on a workshop or shooting for a client, a shirt like the Cool-Lite Sphere Short Sleeve Polo (reg. $99 CAD) is the perfect option for keeping me comfortable and cool.

Love This/

  • Icebreaker_Polo_InsetLightweight, comfortable, breathable material. In fact, it’s so lightweight that it doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing a shirt.
  • No odor, which is key when I’m working outdoors with others.
  • Functions great for hiking and outdoor photography, but also looks professional.
  • Material feels comfortable under straps, whether it’s my backpack or camera bag, both of which are usually quite heavy.

Consider This/

  • Nothing negative to report, other than the fact that there’s only one in my closet.

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