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Review: Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed (600 3 Seasons)

July 17, 2015

RATING: 4 /5

By Meghan J. Ward

When it comes to new gear designs, it takes a lot to ‘wow’ me. But one innovation by Sierra Designs truly blew me away. A backcountry sleeping bag that comfortably lets you sleep on your side? That doesn’t slide off your mattress? Am I dreaming? Probably. The Backcountry Bed concept is so comfortable and accommodating that you’re bound to actually get a good night’s sleep in the tent. I tried the Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed – 600 3 Seasons (reg. price $379 USD), which was the perfect weight for the generally cool nights we find in the Canadian Rockies.

Gear Review: Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed

Comforter tucked in.

Love This/

  • My favourite feature is actually the sleeping pad sleeve, which allows you to slide your mattress into a flap on the back of the bag so that when you’re lying on it the sleeping bag stays put.
  • What a novelty to be able to “roll over” without feeling like I’m in a straight jacket!
  • The foot vent is genius, and helps to prevent that “legs too hot, upper body too cold” phenomenon that often arises when you’re snoozing in a sleeping bag.
  • Sierra Designs makes both men’s and women’s Backcountry Beds, in various weights and both down and synthetic fill. Lots of options, depending on your needs.

Consider This/

  • Gear Review: Sierra Designs Backcountry BedThis product is going for the “zipper-less” feel, but I’d love to have a zippered pocket inside the sleeping bag somewhere for phone, earplugs, headlamp and other small items that I like to keep close-by.
  • Having some way of latching the corners of the ‘comforter’ to the inside corners of the sleeping bag when you want it fully tucked in would avoid the annoyance of having your back exposed whenever you roll over. Perhaps even magnetizing the corners would be a solution, as velcro or snaps create unwanted sounds.
  • At 3 lbs 3 oz. (this model) it’s a tad bulky, but Sierra Designs has other options that are lighter weight. Personally, I’d rather carry something heavier if it means a warm, comfortable sleep.

Thanks to Exxel Outdoors for sending this product for review. 

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