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Review: Sierra Designs Long Sleeve Cowl Neck

RATING: 4 /5

By Meghan J. Ward

When it comes to outdoor clothing, I like a good mix of function and fashion. And while I have never worn anything by Sierra Designs, when I saw their Long Sleeve Cowl Neck (reg. price $79 USD) it called my name. In the Canadian Rockies a long sleeved shirt can be worn year-round, so I knew that if I liked the design, I would get a lot of wear out of it. Shirts can look as pretty as they want, even if I print my logo on it, no matter how great the logo, will not make it warmer, though. I needed to know if this one would perform in the great outdoors. I test-drove it on a scramble up Mt. Carnarvon in Yoho National Park, on a handful of bike rides, and just casually around the house. Here’s the low-down.


Meghan J Ward wearing the Sierra Designs Cowl Neck on a fall scramble up Mt. Carnarvon in Yoho National Park. Photo Paul Zizka.

Love This/

  • The cowl neck is comfortable and keeps in the warmth along the neckline.
  • The thumbholes are handy when you’re adding a layer on top (no material gathering at your elbows).
  • The colours it comes in (Bittersweet, Royal Blue and Topaz) are beautiful.
  • The seams are comfortable when this shirt is worn as a next-to-skin layer.
  • It has a nice, feminine cut and it is highly functional for hiking, biking, skiing and other activities.
  • It is apparently ‘pick and pill proof’. Time will tell.

Review_SierraDesignsConsider This/

  • There is a button that allows you to cinch up the neck for added warmth, but it is really hard to thread it through the hole on the other side! I never did succeed in doing it up. A simple push button would be more effective.
  • After a solid sweat this shirt smelled something awful (Polyester will do that). According to its tech info, it has antimicrobial properties, but that sure didn’t prevent the stink.

Thanks to Exxel Outdoors for sending this product for review. 

Writer, adventurer, outdoorsy mama and summit cartwheeler. Meghan J. Ward is the editor and co-founder at Crowfoot Media and lives for backcountry getaways.

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