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Making Tracks and Eating Snacks


By John Reid

When the snow is up to your knees and every run ends with you turning to your ski partner in gleeful, open-mouthed astonishment, you know the snow is good. On days like this you just want to keep skiing, so you’re likely to refuel on the ride back up the chair lift rather than ducking into the lodge. Keep your stomach full and your skis on with these easy-to-eat options you can put in your pocket.

1/ Twisted GORP

Venture off the groomed run of pre-mixed Good Old Raisins and Peanuts and visit the bulk aisle at Nutters Bulk and Natural Foods in Canmore or Jasper. Resist filling your bag with just chocolate, and try this fun variation: banana chips, peanut butter chips, chocolate chips, peanuts and almonds. Another great combo includes goji berries, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, dried blueberries, salt and cocoa nibs.

UPSIDE: Lightweight, and has lots of calories to keep you energized.
DOWNSIDE: Your treasure-picking chair mate might pick out all the good stuff.


2/ Beef Jerky

The ultimate road trip snack shouldn’t be left in the car when you get to the hill. Beef jerky is lightweight and practically indestructible, so if you crash-land your Rodeo you won’t crush the contents of your pocket. For a season’s worth of jerky, check out Canmore’s Valbella Gourmet Foods. They sell a sasquatch-sized bulk pack filled with two kilograms of delicious jerky.

UPSIDE: Protein will cut into your hunger pangs.
DOWNSIDE: The high salt content could have you eating snow. Be sure to hydrate the night before!


3/ Grown-Up PB&J

Ever ventured back to the ski hill you grew up on and sped down that easy blue you used to love so much? How great does that feel? There’s a reason why classics keep you coming back, like a good old PB&J sandwich. Try mixing it up by jamming a pita bread full of peanut butter, honey, chia seeds and diced figs. A fresh loaf from Wild Flour (Banff), Laggan’s (Lake Louise) or Bear’s Paw Bakery (Jasper) will feed a family.

UPSIDE: Protein will keep you feeling full until you’re ready to leave the hill.
DOWNSIDE: If you wipe out you risk flattening your sandwich.


4/ Sushi Popper

Adventurous types may enjoy bringing this unusual snack aboard. The masterminds at Sushi Popper have taken your favourite seafood meal and wrapped it in a cardboard tube. Pick from raw or cooked fish, vegetarian or meat, and gluten-free options for a fancy chairlift meal – a surefire way to impress (or perplex) your friends.

UPSIDE: Exotic and classy food you can eat with your gloves on.
DOWNSIDE: Your fishy scent could make you cougar bait.


5/ Chocolate-Covered Caffeine Boost

A bleary-eyed coffee will wake you up, but what happens at 10:00am when it fades and you start searching for a tree well to collapse into? Chocolate-covered coffee beans happen: the perfect solution to go from zero to hero. Banff’s Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut carries them, so you can stock up on your way to the hill.

UPSIDE: You’ll be the most popular person on the chair.
DOWNSIDE: The sugar and caffeine blast won’t last. Pair these with something more substantial.


Lover of limestone, lynx and larch! John Reid is a Rocky Mountain writer and usually the first to say something positive after the third false summit.

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